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About Monogram Lane

Enhancing your home, gifts and life with Personalized Twist! That's what Cher and Barbara are all about. They began Monogram Lane in 2008 from their mutual passion for all things personalized. They have known each other for over forty years and they work long distance to maintain their highly successful online business.
Cher and Barb Owners of Monogram Lane
 Cher and Barbara

The Monogram Lane Team

Cher is located in Florida and heads up buying, social media, marketing, advertising and monogramming.  She has four grown children of whom she couldn't be prouder. Now her 5 grandchildren are the apple of her eye. As "Mumsie," she multi-tasks between running the business and watching the younger ones regularly. Her family is rounded out by her husband and her 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Barbara is the “webmaster” and handles orders and graphic design. After 25 years living in Nashville, she and her husband were back in Florida for 3 years, but relocated to North Carolina to be closer to family. She has one handsome grandson and four adorable granddaughters, two of whom are twins. Barbara also has 2 Cavaliers and is a crazy dog lady!
Cher and Barbara's collaboration has truly been a blessing from God, allowing each to use her strengths to make Monogram Lane the success it is. The secret to their success is to offer good old “Southern hospitality,” one customer at a time..

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