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How to add pizzazz with one little detail

by Barbara Watkinson August 17, 2018

Want to add a little pizzazz to your home decor with little time or money? Here's how:

We put a Monogram Chic 2 letter decal on a simple metal magazine bin and voila! A chic custom home decor item is born.

Monogram Lane Chic intertwined decal

You can do this too. Just put a decal on any item with a smooth surface and you've created a custom designed item.

Monogram Lane chic vinyl decal on a tray.

Add a chic decal to a tray for elegant entertaining!

Monogram Lane chic vinyl decal on luggage

You'll look great on the go with a chic decal on your luggage!

Monogram Chic vinyl decals

Look at these gorgeous 2-letter examples. The entire alphabet is available with all possible 2-letter combinations.

Get your very own Chic Decal today and start your own custom project!

Click here to see all the exciting Vinyl Decals from Monogram Lane.


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